Youth Leagues

While Transform U loves player development, we realize athletes need opportunities to put their skill work in to action! We offer a great indoor summer league where players 5-13 are given opportunities to play small sided games, typically 3 on 3, in the classic "pick up" style. Teams are made each week by Transform U Staff and participants get to compete like toe good ole' days at the park. 

During the winter, we offer a casual 1 day a week league. This league is split in to 2 age groups, K-2nd grade/3rd-5th grade. This coed league is still in its infancy, but serves as a great way for children to begin to learn game concepts in the 3 on 3 to 5 on 5 setting. 

Both leagues stress teamwork, fair play, and the joy of competing. Summer League is coached and run by Transform U staff and student volunteers. Winter League is organized and managed by Transform U, but utilizes parent/volunteer team coaches.

OTF Elite Club Basketball Teams

OTF Elite is a Transform U sponsored grassroots basketball club. For more info on OTF, please visit the OTF Elite Page.

Skills Academy

The Transform U Basketball Skills Academy is a unique set of camps, skills courses, and leagues that are designed to work with each other for the best possible development of the participant. 


Intensive Training has quickly become our most popular means of player development. Coach Shane developed the programs utilized in Intensive Training after years of studying the aau/club, travel, high school, and college levels. There seemed to be a need for something to bridge the gap for those players seeking new challenges and more demanding workouts. Intensive Training introduces advanced footwork, finishes, ball handling, and various game concepts. This curriculum was established to aid a player in the journey from a solid fundamental player to the next level. Intensive Training is typically open to athletes starting at age 10 and can be offered all the way through college in a private or small group setting. Ball players younger than 10 can be accepted in to Intensive Training if they have previously completed a FUNdamentals course. 


FUNdamentals is our most basic course. This curriculum is designed to nurture a love for the game and a joy for competing. This program is for novice players of any age. FUNdamentals is typically offered for 5-13 year olds and is best served as a survey and elementary learning point for basketball development. This course will give your child a taste of the fun the game presents, while laying a foundational core that can be built upon and developed as a player progresses throughout their career. FUNdamentals has a "sub-program" BEGINNER BALLERS which is offered sporadically and is for players in the 4-7 year range.